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Hansen's Therapy by the Bay
Michael Hansen
29 Dorthy Drive
Trenton, ON K8V 5P5
Business Phone: 613-394-4067
Hansen's Therapy by the Bay

In working with new and previous patients, knowing how to find a problem through a very precise assessment is a method that works very well for me. It's making a difference quickly for most people that come to see me. A special blend of Modalities during the treatment shows the patient immediate results to some degree during the treatment. Questions are asked about possible old injuries in which could still have an affect on restricted movement which could cause pain. Many times after reflecting back on past circumstances small details lead to great discoveries on resolving soft tissue issues. Changes are present during retesting both in strength and length of muscle and pain relief.

I've had the privilege to retire many canes, crutches and support devices as a health care provider. To help a person develop a better quality of life in a very short period of time is extremely rewarding for all parties involved. If you are looking for a way to be a better athlete, get rid of support device, or simply have a better quality of life contact my office to set up an appointment and lets work together to get you there. 

2015 Reader's Choice: Favourite Massage Therapist

Information Last Updated: Friday May 19, 2023