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Starboard Communications
Darren Matassa

Starboard Communications

The team at Starboard Communications is a group of highly motivated, creative and knowledgeable industry professionals that understand that every single client wants measurable results from their marketing dollars. These days it’s important to seek out sound advice and creative direction that migrates across all of your marketing platforms; Radio, Social Media, and on your Website in order to get the results you want.

Think of us as an advertising and marketing agency, without the agency price. We are a group of marketing gurus when it comes to radio and digital marketing, and we take our challenge with every single client very seriously.

Your success is our success!

We want to deliver a potent cocktail of creativity, research, retail sector smarts, and results. We can create a voice, give you the words, the sounds and the importance for your business using creative emotional intelligence that is needed to make your radio and digital marketing stand out amongst all the other marketing noise within your category of business and the marketplace. We freely invest our time and expertise in advance of any client starting on-air or online at no cost. It’s also our way of making sure that your marketing efforts will work and we’ll stand behind it and the plan.

You’d be surprised what we can show you and make you believe in! Just ask us to show you how to grow your business and we will!

Information Last Updated: Monday May 29, 2023